Diversity Training

Does your organisation or staff need help with Laws or Policies that effect the LGBT
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered) community or need extra training around the
issues that face the LGBT community? Then GADD can help! With new legislation recently
passed to protect the LGBT community, don't get lost or left behind;
GADD can help you keep up and understand them.
GADD offers Training & Consultancy work on many issues, read on to find out more...
Projects GADD have been involved include:
Regional Gender Equality Action Plan
Consultation for the Strategic Health
Authority and the majority of North East PCT's.
'Empowering people to tackle Hate Crime'
a report for the Equalities & Human Rights
Commission as a partner with Victim Support & Vision Sense.
Needs assessment of the LGBT communities
of County Durham & Darlington for Durham County Council
Organisations who have used our services for training and consultancy purposes include:
East Durham Homes, Broadacres Housing, Durham Police,
Hartlepool Children's Services, Darlington Borough Council,
Victims Support, Northumbria Police and Durham County Council
Courses that are currently available from GADD:
Basic LGBT awareness including stigma discrimination,
LGBT history and sexual orientation vs. gender identity.
LGBT domestic abuse (DA) contextualising same
sex domestic abuse with heterosexual domestic abuse.
Workplace discrimination, bullying harassment legislation case
studies etc. Coping strategies and application of new legislation.
Housing rights responsibilities tenancy allocation, procurement.
Transgender awareness; this includes gender diversity, experiences
of Trans people in life, the workplace, in health settings etc.
Seminars for multiple organisations to deal with specific issues
e.g. Harassment in the workplace. Transgender overview.
Our training & consultancy is delivered by fully trained professional staff and volunteers. We use our own personal experiences & skills which which we have gained in personal & professional lives, as well as those skills learned through working within the LGBT Community.
Consultancy Costs
Each consultation is priced on individual  and organisational needs.
ExampleTraining Costs
Full day's training is £1000
Maximum of 25 people
Half day's training £500
Maximum of 25 people
We can tailor training to the needs of individual organisations
which will have an individual cost.
GADD will provide all training materials needed.
For further information on our Training & Consultancy, please contact either Mike Milner or Emma Roebuck.
Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.