GADD has provided a group for 16-25 year olds who identify as
LGBT, or those who may be unsure of their sexuality or gender. Working with our
service user we provide a safe, fun and welcoming environment. Where being
yourself is ok. We provide various activities, group chats, fun and education,
along with support and advice where appropriate.

We can work with local colleges and employers to promote
equality and combat discrimination or bullying. With our link we are able to
raise issues anonymously if necessary or in a supporting role.

Each of our group facilitators, volunteers and service users
brings both unique and shared experience. Essentially we have seen, lived and dealt
with almost any issues imaginable and can offer tailored support.

Although we offer these support services where needed, our
main aim is enjoyment with like minded individuals. Many of the people who come
to the group have had little need for support yet they chose to come here to socialise
and have fun.